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PUSH Message Marketing – A New Tool in The Hands of Marketers!

Bart OzdobaBart Ozdoba

Along with the introduction of the new versions of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, which now support the PUSH technology, it’s become possible to display short messages directly on the desktop background or smartphone of users who have previously visited the site.

Marketing experts can’t wait to put this feature to use. Thanks to the PUSH technology and the Pushango platform they’ll be able to grow subscriber databases and communicate directly with users much easier than before, by displaying small windows containing custom content on desktop backgrounds and smartphones of their target audiences.

The efficiency of this communication channel is very high. Our customers have been seeing tangible results, which also translate into actual sales boosts. For instance, in PUSH campaigns, the CTR of 9-12% isn’t anything extraordinary, and the open rate of 90% is standard – the numbers speak for themselves.

What are the benefits for the users who receive these PUSH notifications? Well, one click becomes enough to subscribe, there’s no need to submit personal details including an e-mail or phone number.

Utilizing PUSH Message Marketing in communication facilitates the spread of information. You can also be sure that the message will always be displayed as soon as the person launches their browser. The unsubscribe mechanism is equally simple. It is as simple as returning to the particular website and leaving the subscriber list by clicking on the bell, or canceling the subscription for the site in the browser’s settings.

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